Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Hey Guys! Hope everyone had an awesome and safe New Year! 2014 has definitely brought some wonderful moments and God has truly blessed my family and I which I am very thankful for. 

Here's a recap of my 2014. May 2015 bring many more! 

Hair Transformation: Chopped the locks and went the lightest I've ever been. (Too bad I couldn't keep the color long enough.. =( )

Disneyland: We have definitely put our passes to great use! No Blockout Dates, Free parking and discounts?! #winning

New York: It was the Hubby & I's first trip to New York and we loved EVERY min. of it! Our daily routine in NY. Wake up, eat, walk, eat, site-seeing, eat, shop, eat, sleep.. then repeat! We came back 10lbs heavier and have no regrets. I <3 NY

Hawaii: Hun & I celebrated our Birthdays in Maui! It was also our first time here and it felt so rejuvenating to just RELAX and enjoy the views...

I meannnn..  How beautiful is this backdrop for the Luau we went to. We attended The Old Lahaina Luau and it was an awesome experience with the friendliest staff and delicious food. 

Las Vegas: Being about 3 1/2 hours away it seems to be a quick "getaway" for us. Downfall is our belly's come back bigger and our wallets come back smaller..... From shopping that is. Gambling ain't my thing. 
Panroast Combo from the Oyster Bar is one of the main reasons why we go to Vegas. The! 

INC Celebrates 100 years: My family and I attended Southern California District's Countdown to Centennial at the Ontario Citizens Bank Arena. It was a "Red Carpet" formal attire event and who doesn't wanna get all "dolled" up?!

One Year Wedding Anniversary: Hun & I reached our first year mark as a married couple! We had a stay-cation in San Diego had had some mouth-watering meals! One of the main reasons why 2014 was so wonderful is because I got to spend it with my Husband. Love you, Hun!

Stay Happy & Healthy

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